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 the Poser (Even Poser's can be Mamasox fans, right?)  

   ~ The Boared ~
   The minds behind the scenes.
(Ok maybe we don't really have minds but we do have a few idiots back here in the 'Boared' room)

“Success ain't about the money, it's about doing what you love.” CLB

We are the volunteers who are "doing what we love" to support Crystal and her fans.


 Cynthia Serrano: 


                     Court Jester ~ Cindy_a_Muggle aka Savvy Marketing Guru

                                       Email ~

                 (Marketing Guru even if it is only for a bunch of Idiots it still counts.)


    Donna Michal: 


                      Town Crier ~ DivaDonnaMSVP aka The Village Diva

                                       Email ~

                (Not related to George) 


  Jami Pressnell: 



                                       Lady in Waiting MamasoxfanMSVP aka our Facebook/MySpace butterfly  

                                       Email ~

                 (Being socially graceful and respectful is no easy feat for an Idiot but she has it under control.) 


    Paul Hanni: 


                     Village Smithie ~ Hannip4Crystal aka Forum Extraordinaire and all round Computer Genius

                                       Email ~

               (An Idiot disguised as a computer geek will surely give the Village clout.  So clever we are.) 


    Sydney M. Conover: 


                     Bard ~ syddid_vi24 aka Hippie Artsy Poet and Photographer with a thirst for Web Design (Whew)

                                       Email ~

                 (Ok, so this fancy sounding Idiot is really just a gypsy with a camera, a MAC and some crayons.)

    the Poser: 


                     Well now, here we are acknowledging Mr./Mrs. Invisible, a square without an identity ~ The_VI_Poser

                                       Email ~ ... obviously not an Idiot issued email, Poser's fend for themselves

                 ( Need we say more?  Ok truthfully there isn't much else to say about someone impersonating an Idiot.)